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110 Front Street
New Richmond, OH, 45157
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We love it when blogs, papers, magazines, and anybody with a voice helps support us and local foods. Here are articles from some of our favorite local sources that were good enough to cover what we're doing. If you'd like to learn more about us or sit down for a chat, please, contact us

The American Project

An Interview With Sustain Brand's Matthew Kennedy

"In an act of fortitude against the mass production of legions of imported 'food' (Envision a jar of salsa that has journeyed more miles than a marathon runner-in 90 degree heat, 120 with humidity), one company has drawn a line in the sand and crossed it with their dukes in the air."

Soapbox Cincinnati

Sustain Brand offers a new strategy for company's going local

Though the front of each Sustain product carries the company logo, the back label tells the story of the local farmer or manufacturer who makes it. For Kennedy, finding and sharing these stories is a rewarding aspect of his work.

Community & Economic Development

Clermont County, Ohio

Sustain Brand - Locally Owned, Locally Grown, Nationally Known

"Sustain is the first dedicated locally owned, locally grown line of value-added products in mainstream grocery stores and delivers local sustainability by buying and reselling local products..."

Urban Cincy

Sustain Brand brings locally grown and locally owned to Queen city

"In 2009, inspired by a belief that strong regional brands lead to strong regional economies, the company began an initiative to help local growers expand their consumer base. Sustain Brand was born– a single label uniting different products from various growers and..."

Business Courier

Sustain Brand gives label to local food movement

“Why the heck do we have to be national?” Kennedy asked. “Customers are looking for local and they want it where they shop.”