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Sustain Brand LLC
110 Front St.
New Richmond, OH 45157 
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110 Front Street
New Richmond, OH, 45157
United States


Sustain Brand

SUSTAIN HAS A NEW LOOK BUT THE SAME MISSION: WE ARE COMMITTED TO BRINGING ONLY LOCALLY OWNED, LOCALLY GROWN FOODS AND PRODUCTS INTO MAINSTREAM GROCERY STORES. This results in real foods with real ingredients that have traveled only a few hours rather than days (or months) to make it to your table. In supporting local food, we'd like for our options at the grocery store to be made naturally and sustainably rather than seeing only the highly processed substitutes that have taken their place.


Amish Bumbleberry Jam

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Nutrition Facts5.jpg
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Amish Bumbleberry Jam

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An Amish jam with the right mix of sweet and tart, this jam is great spread on toast, a PB&J, or in your favorite pastry. Bumbleberry is an Amish term for mixed berry jam. Our Bumbleberry Jam is a wonderful mix of blueberries, strawberries, and red raspberries.

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